Mon 24th Sept to Sun 30th Sept

One of the best parts of the trip so far was visiting TV and movie-related places from Doctor Who and Harry Potter (the movies).

Tom discovers the benefits of regeneration

We went to Cardiff to see the Doctor Who Experience, which has all the sets and some of the best aliens from the BBC Studios, where Doctor Who episodes are filmed.

The first part is a 90 minute experience where the Doctor (actor Matt Smith) is talking to you on massive screens and leading you through parts of sets and into the Tardis, asking you to help rescue him from the Pandorica 2.

Ed and I were asked to fly the Tardis out of our group, because we were the children. Ed used too much thrust and we crashed. The Weeping Angels and Daleks were coming after us – but we managed to get out OK

The family that time travels together, stays together…

There were lots of parts of the exhibition, and we will try to add more pictures in the coming weeks. We stood in front of a green screen and you choose your background for a photo – we both got a pic with Dad and the Tardis on the surface of a distant planet.

That’s actually Ed inside the Dalek, doing the driving

We had a couple of days in Wales, staying with Sian, who is almost one of the family at her place in Swansea – a really cool house and a very cute dog called Bagel.

At the end of the week dad took us to Harry Potter Studio Tour near Leavesdon, where they shot the Harry Potter films. It took ages to go around – they had everything there, including the triple-decker Night Bus, the Durlseys house, the grand hall of Hogwarts, Diagon Alleyand much more.  Dad let us have a Butterbeer (not real beer) and we both bought Bertie Botts All-Flavours jellybeans.  We tricked Mum into eating a dirt-favoured one and Tina ate an earwax-flavoured one. YUKKK!  We had out photos taken in robes, flying on the brooms.

Next week, lunch with some royals…


6 thoughts on “Visiting The Doctor and Harry Potter

    • I don’t know but they tasted pretty real. I convinced mum to eat a dirt flavoured one and told her it was chocolate. I also gave my godmother an earwax bean. I think i have about 50 left somewhere if you want me to bring them to school. 🙂

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