Sun 7 Oct to Sat 13 Oct

We drove to Kent over the huge bridge at the Dartford Crossing to see Max play in the rugby tournament at Medway Rugby Club, where hundreds of boys and girls between 6 and 12 competed. Max was the captain of the Under 12s and they won a shield and got medals. Mum’s friend Tracy gave us Medway rugby jumpers at the end of the day – even though we had only been mucking about, playing after the games.

The Medway under 12s played really well

It was a really fun day and we went back to their place to have a curry afterwards. Their Dad had to go back to London before tea because he is on a big band tour.

Tuesday night we ticked off one of the things Ed has been looking forward to doing most: staying at a real castle in a real tower, on a real four-poster bed. We stayed at Thornbury Castle, where Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed for a while. (Mum said she hoped they changed the sheets since then!)

There’s room for more… so long as it’s not Henry VIII

We could get used to this

The loo was a wooden throne in the bathroom. And the bed was 12-feet across – the widest four poster bed in the world (they claim). There were two throne-like chairs, a fireplace and a TV that pops up from a box at the bottom of the bed.  We were right at the top of the spiral staircase – up 72 stone steps! The food was really good and we had our picture taken with George, the knight in armour at the door. The next day we did some archery and pretended to attack the castle.

On the Saturday, we had a small family party to celebrate Ed’s birthday (a couple of days early), because we will be away next week for his actual birthday… in Paris!

Next week: Ed celebrates under the sea and we visit the siinking city…


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