Sat 15 Sept 2012

What a day – we managed to fit in: visiting Dad’s old school at Mill Hill, and then meeting up with friends for a big rugby game at Wembley. A typical Saturday, they say, with rugby and the pub afterwards! Brilliant.

We met up at Wembley with some friends of Mum and Dad’s and their children (all boys from about 7 to 15). We were watching the club Dad used to play for, Saracens, against Leicester Tigers. Everyone had the red, black and white flags of Sarries and there was some singing before the game. The Sarries fans all wear red caps called a “fez” (Dad still has his somewhere at home). We shouted for Sarries, but the game was a draw.

Afterwards, a few of us decided to try to climb the Wembley Arch outside. It was quite hard as it is a steep, sloping bit up to the metal base. Max got up first, then me (Tom) and then Ed. The Security Guards came and told us to get down.

The Mums and Dads were standing well back, not stopping us, and (obviously) taking some photos…

The others had to drive back to Kent in a minibus, so we decided to all meet up for a meal at a pub in West London, near where Mum and Dad used to live and they would meet up with their friends there. It was called the William IV and the food was very good. Max and I were having arm wrestles.

We are going to try to go and see Max and James and their friends play in a junior rugby tournament in October.


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