Wed 12 Sept 2012

This was a busy day. We had Grandma with us and visited the Museum of London.

Mum went with us to do the full “London from the early ages” trip while Dad and Grandma did another tour. We saw lots of interesting things.

There were mammoths they dug up from when London was a swampy marsh, to Bronze Age shields and weapons and lots of detail about Romans, with treasures from Boudicca’s reign, all the way through to to current day stuff about the Olympics (which have just finished). There were some incredible stories about the Plague and the Black Death, and the Great Fire  of London.

The Museum of London is situated just beside some of the only visible bits of the original Roman wall around the City of London. This isn’t around modern London (which is a LOT bigger) but roughly the square mile where the City banks are now located.

We then went to the Guildhall, an old building with some amazing paintings, including one of the Duke of Wellington (I think) that was about 6m tall, taking up a huge wall. Downstairs are the remains of a Roman ampitheatre and we stood where gladiators once fought.

A fun part of the day was when we went to Hyde Park and Holland Park and played on the big chess set, and in the huge playground. We also ran around trying  to catch a squirrel… or more than one!!)


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