Tue 11 Sept 2012

The Tower of London was really interesting with lots of places to see. We went up the Tower where evil Richard locked away (and was said to have murdered) the young princes, Edward and his brother. Creepy. We saw the places where the beheadings happened – but only if you were special!

One of the Beefeaters said that there were still racks and weapons of torture in the basement of the main tower – except that they were now cunningly disguised as a gift shop! (Dad thought it was funny). They live in the Tower grounds with their families and they are the only ones who are allowed to be baptised in the church inside the Tower.

There have to be six ravens at the Tower or legend says that the monarchy will collapse. So they keep a couple of spares, as well, just in case!

The Crown Jewels are on display at the Tower and we walked around and could see the Koh i Noor diamond up close in the Coronation Crown. It is 186 carats and weighs about 37g.They were amazing, We are also planning to visit Buckingham Palace later in the trip, where the Queen’s private collection is on display this year.

We were invited to join a revolution by some 1666 rebels (in costume). But Mum said it was time to go and see Tower Bridge instead. Maybe next time…


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